One of the things most homeowners look for in a good floor covering, especially luxury vinyl, is durability. No one wants to install a floor only to have to replace it in just a few years time. But just exactly how durable is luxury vinyl flooring? That would be the million-dollar question that we’ve heard many times when suggesting this particular material. We’ve decided to take to our blog to give you the answer!

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Luxury Vinyl Is Very Durable

To simply say that luxury vinyl flooring is durable just doesn’t seem to suffice. We want to let you know why that is. You’ll reap the benefits from a flooring that resists stains, scratching, sun fading and so much more. These floors will also provide a great surface for high levels of traffic through the home, rambunctious children and pets and enough water resistance, so that normal spills and moisture won’t ruin your floors.

The durability of your luxury vinyl floors depends on two main components. One is the over all construction, which consists of a number of layers, including a backing layer, usually made of vinyl, a vinyl core, a design layer, a wear layer and finally, a coating of polyurethane.

When it comes to the vinyl content, the higher the quantity of good, quality vinyl, the longer it will last. Recycled vinyl tends to break down faster, which causes your flooring to wear out much quicker. The wear layer is clear and goes a long way in determining the life span of your flooring. This wear layer comes in different thicknesses, and the thicker the wear layer, the more protection your floor will get.

The other factor that plays a huge role in the durability of your luxury vinyl flooring is the maintenance your give it. While there’s usually no need to wax or polish this flooring, it is advised to sweep and mop them as often as is necessary to keep dirt and debris from accumulating.