Vinyl Flooring has been around for decades, and thanks to modern technology, you can get a remarkably similar appearance to that of wood or tile.

The misconceptions, however, just won’t go away, and Integrity Floors Plus intends to put a stop to that right now!

Here are the facts:

Fact #1: Nothing could be further from the truth when people say it’s outdated, unattractive and looks cheap.

This is not the vinyl of the 70s. Luxury vinyl flooring gives you the option to have a fashionable home, even if the budget is really tight. It comes in plank or tile form, many colors and, to make it even more realistic looking, you can get textures. That means you can have the look of wood floors, tile, or natural stone like marble, travertine, and slate. However, like anything else, you get what you pay for, so just don’t go for those ultra-cheap, bargain basement prices, because something will definitely suffer, and that will be appearance.

Fact #2: It’s incredibly durable, 100 percent water impervious and not fazed by heavy foot traffic, running pets and kids or pull-toys.

Fact #3: It can be installed anywhere. Since it’s so tough, its perfect for kids’ rooms. The fact that it’s water-proof, means it can go where wood cannot. Excess water warps wood, but if you want a wood floor in your kitchen, think about luxury vinyl plank. The trend is to have really dark floors in the kitchen; now you can do that without spending an arm and a leg.

Fact #3: You can stop worrying about hard falls. For instance, tile is beautiful, but a fall on it can really, really hurt. If you have kids or elderly residents, that’s a concern, but, with luxury vinyl tile, you can have the look of tile without the worry.

Fact #4: You cannot walk the image off. That’s one of those misconceptions that just won’t go away, so here’s exactly why you can’t fade it: The top layer is a super-tough clear wear layer that protects the image. So feel free to walk all you want; you won’t hurt it.

Come into Integrity Floors Plus. Our showroom is in Murrieta, CA, and our experts will be happy to show you how you can have both style and savings.