Do you have a busy household and floors that always seem to appear dusty, dirty, or discolored? Perhaps, you're soon-to-be parents, been-there-done-that grandparents, or pet parents of darling fur babies looking to make your home life a little bit easier in the cleaning department. Or, maybe you enjoy throwing parties for friends and family. The bigger the bash, the better, you always say! Regardless of the reason why your surfacing sees a lot of traffic, many easy-to-maintain materials will make upkeep a cinch! Not sure what surfacing to check out in our flooring store? Well, thanks to our Integrity Plus Floors showroom pros in Murrieta, CA, we've compiled this helpful list of easy-to-maintain materials, ideal for an upcoming renovation project. 

Make Your Life Easier (and Cleaner) With Hardwood

Be it a classic, exotic species, or a contemporary twist on ebony wood, the truth is, hardwood can transform your home into a breathtaking showpiece. With a countless amount of color, grain, varnish, and plank options, the hardest part about a renovation will be choosing a favorite wood! Once you select one that suits your redesign best at our flooring store, it will be wonderfully simple to maintain. Most homeowners use a dry mop to quickly sweep away dust, dirt, and pet hair every couple of days, depending upon the household. Then, a pass with a damp mop once a week does the rest. It couldn't be simpler! 

Add Style (and Decrease Upkeep) With Tile

While pristine white tiles are a bit harder to maintain in busier households, any other color and pattern masks dirt and spills. The best part is, with tile, a quick pass with a damp mop is all it takes to maintain your surfacing. And, for rooms that see a lot of messes, be it dropped food or pet mishaps, there's no need to worry about stains, as tiles are incredibly resistant and non-absorbing. Bye, bye, mess! Hello, pretty mosaic design!

Luxury Vinyl Will Impress (and Lessen Stress!)

Luxury vinyl planks and tiles are, by far, one of the easiest materials to maintain on the market. Also, they're very cost-effective, so if you love the look of hardwood in your home, but not the hefty price tag, there's no need to search any farther than LVT or LVP. At our flooring store, our on-site experts will gladly show you the latest colors on the market, designs that are trending right now, so you can see this eye-catching material for yourself. Compare it to wood options, and you may not even be able to tell the difference!