Laminate flooring trends in the market right now will convince you that it’s still one of the most viable materials for your flooring needs. It does such a great job of mimicking so many different real-wood types, that your guests will be sure they’re walking on the real thing. Furthermore, the latest trends might also give you some idea which direction laminate is currently going in. This mean, if you happen to be preparing to sell your home, you can get ahead of the curve when it comes to flooring your home.

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2018 Laminate Flooring Trends

Waterproof laminate is a pretty big deal right now, taking over the limelight in many areas. In the past, homeowners have reluctantly placed laminate in kitchens and bathrooms. However, now that reluctance is gone and you’re free to install it anywhere at all, with no concern for spills or any other water issues. The outlook for waterproof laminate in 2019 looks very promising as well.

Another huge title for laminate to carry this year is that of “American Made”. While it is also somewhat controversial, that doesn’t negate the fact that many homeowners are willing to pay extra just to have a product that is manufactured in the United States. Furthermore, it looks to remain an important title to carry into the upcoming year.

You probably remember a time when “barn wood” was all the rage for flooring, or when spalted maple made an appearance. Well, this year the look that everyone seems to want is that of reclaimed wood. Not one to be left behind, the laminate industry has also gotten on board with this look. Now, your laminate can look as though it’s been reclaimed from old timber, barns, decks or maybe even wine barrels. Of course, no wood is actually being reclaimed in this process, only the look is being emulated.

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