Solid wood is by far one of the most popular hard surface materials for home renovations. Usually, when people come to our flooring store, their minds are set on hardwood. That's because it's not only a versatile, long-lasting surfacing, it's also one that's absolutely breathtaking. At Integrity Plus Floors, our Murrieta, CA showroom experts wanted to help residents by addressing a few factors related to solid hardwood, namely, what precautions to take before and after installation. Luckily, homeowners can always count on our flooring store to explain the ins and outs of wood surfacing. As such, check out this informative guide on what you'll need to do (or avoid) to extend the life of your hardwood. 

A Quick Glance at Hardwood

Why do homeowners love wood surfacing so much? Well, the list is quite long, to be frank. However, on that list is the fact that it's easy to install over most subfloors. As long as the hardwood isn't exposed to high amounts of moisture, you can use it in pretty much any space you can imagine. For the most part, this surfacing is easy to care for, and maintaining its gleam is quite simple. Once you learn what's necessary to clean the planks, that gorgeous wood will last for generations. 

Hardwood: Before an Installation

Before walking into a flooring store and demanding the finest maple wood for your bungalow, let's talk about the importance of a solid subfloor. Sure, that hardwood can last well over a hundred years, but only if what's underneath it actually holds up! 

As such, when you spend time selecting your favorite wood, be it mahogany, maple, or oak, also invest some money to ensure a stable, solid subfloor. If it's damaged, repair it! Also, after making sure everything is in tip-top shape, including the plywood and surfacing frames, check that the new subfloor is level for an easy-breezy installation. 

Hardwood: After an Installation

That tigerwood you've dreamed of is finally here, and it's in your home right now! The installation is over, and you couldn't be more thrilled. However, you'll need to take care of your wood, to ensure it does indeed last a very long time. Maintenance is mainly a two-part approach: regular cleaning and protecting the surfacing. 

For the cleaning, make sure to use only quality products that are certified for use on your hardwood. If you're not sure what to use, or wondering if a cleaning agent would be appropriate for your type of wood, then drop by our Integrity Plus Floors showroom for accurate information.

As for protection, it's essential to cover vulnerable areas of your surfacing to avoid the possibility of damage. For instance, area rugs, mats, and other types of coverings are a great way to extend the life of the hardwood. Additionally, UV window coating is a fantastic way to keep sunlight from permanently ruining your surfacing.