A fast-growing hit in the interior design industry, white oak hardwood has quickly become a preference for homeowners undergoing renovations. Not only is it becoming the most in-demand surfacing material in California, but it's also surpassing its red oak counterpart in terms of popularity. To further explain the latest renovation preference, our Integrity Plus Floors Murrieta, CA showroom pros have come up with this informative article. Before you hit the flooring store for your latest redesign, you may want to read these fascinating facts.

Contemporary Appeal
Compared to red oak, white oak has a more modern appearance. This contemporary look has a lot to do with its wood grain, which is less noticeable than in the red version of this wood. Because of this feature, it just looks more up-to-date and less traditional. Also, you'll notice that white oak has a smoother grain, causing a uniform appearance, and that's due to the growth rings being closer together. If you're leaning towards a contemporary design or style for your home, then you may want to come into our flooring store to assess if this surfacing material would be ideal for your renovations. 

Ability to Blend In
Typically, modern homes have dark, white or gray stain colors throughout the house. As such, white oak makes it a more natural surfacing to match and blend in this pre-existing interior. Also, since white and gray wash stains are a big favorite now, they show up a lot better on white oak. Conversely, if you were to choose red oak, you'd have a harder time staining its pink/red undertones. For those who would have opted for a white or gray wash, the end results wouldn't look as crisp as on white oak.

Easy to Stain
There's no doubt about it, white oak is more straightforward to stain, no matter the color you choose. Think of it this way: between a blank, white canvas and a slightly pinkish canvas, which one do you think would display color more accurately? Although both red and white species each have lovely characteristics, it's essential to consider whether or not the surfacing material you would like will be able to adequately display the color you've selected. For more help visualizing stains, colors and surfacing materials, we suggest a quick stop by our flooring store.