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Mohawk Natural Stone Flooring in Murrieta CA from Integrity Plus Floors

Mohawk Natural Stone Floors

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Natural stone flooring options in Winchester, Fallbrook and Canyon Lake


Flooring your home with natural stone

Natural stone is one of the most unique floor coverings you could possibly choose. Its natural characteristics are so varied, that no two floors are exactly the same, even if the same stone is used. You have a diversity of colors and textures that are simply extensive and the elegance that is construed, is simply not imitated by other materials.

The properties that make up their variations in water resistance, resilience and density, however, vary greatly. It is for this reason that there are special procedures for maintenance that must be carried out, in order to protect your floors and preserve them for years to come.

At Integrity Plus Floors, we can help you pick the perfect stone flooring types for the spaces in your own home. Once we know your specific needs, we can explain which stone is best, and why, and help you throughout the remainder of the process. Serving the areas of Murrieta, Temecula, Winchester, Fallbrook, and Canyon Lake, we have a showroom located in Murrieta, CA. We invite you to stop by at your convenience to speak with one of our flooring professionals.

Custom natural stone bathroom flooring in Temecula CA from Integrity Plus Floors

Flooring your home with natural stone

Each type of natural stone flooring has specific characteristics. We’d like to tell you about a few of them now.

  • Limestone is comprised of shell calcite, coral and a combination of other debris, and is considered sedimentary. Its course grain makes it very durable and it is becoming more popular in certain areas.

  • Marble is classified as limestone, but can be polished. It’s soft, can be scratched easily, and should not come into contact with acidic materials.

  • Granite is roughly 60% feldspar and 30% quartz and isn’t as easily scratched as marble. It is more resistant to acidic compounds that are likely to come into contact with the flooring.

  • Travertine is also in the limestone family, but the formation is considerably different. It contains holes that are often filled with cement, which, after being polished, can give it a blotchy look.

  • Slate comes in grays, reds, yellows and greens and can be recognized by its sheet like characteristic. It is often thin and can flake into sheets if broken. It is also less likely to have a reflection, unless a coating is applied for that specific purpose.

  • Serpentine gets its name from the bands, resembling serpents, of green that occur throughout. Colors vary and it’s classified as a type of marble in that it can be polished to a very reflective state.

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