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Mohawk Tile Flooring in Murrieta CA from Integrity Plus Floors

Mohawk Tile Floors

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Tile flooring in Murrieta, CA


The timeless appeal of tile flooring

Tile flooring is one of the oldest floor coverings in the world, with some glazed bricks being found that date back to 1300 BC. Even at that point, people saw the durability they had, and realized that they could create interesting mosaics, showing off their fine workmanship in the process.

In today’s modern world, homeowners often choose tile for these very same reasons. One of the main things a homeowner looks for in a flooring is a certain level of durability. No one wants their floors to wear out too quickly. At the same time, it’s so easy to decorate and design with this material, that it’s a popular choice among those with more discerning tastes.


Types of tile flooring

It’s likely that you’ve heard about both ceramic tile and porcelain tile. The two terms are sometimes even used interchangeably, but there are some differences between the two.

Ceramic, for instance, uses a combination of both clay and other natural resources, and is then fired in a hot kiln. Next, they are glazed and fired again, creating a beautifully colorful tile with which you can create an array of decorative spaces.

Custom tile kitchen flooring in Temecula CA from Integrity Plus Floors
Porcelain is created using only the finest clays and is fired at much higher temperatures than ceramic. For this reason, these tiles are far more dense and more resistant to water than ceramic is. Also, because porcelain is a uniform color throughout the entirety of the tile, they’re less likely to show scratches, scuffs and chips.

No matter which type of tile you choose, however, you should make sure to have a professional tile installation carried out. Tiles are easy to chip and crack during the installation process, which can mean more money spent on replacements. This, and the necessity of special tools to get the job done, can leave you way over budget before you know it.


When you’re ready to choose tile flooring

At Integrity Plus Floors, we know that flooring isn’t just a quick-fix decision. We know the care, thought and research you put into the choice, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. In fact, we serve the areas of Murrieta, Temecula, Winchester, Fallbrook, and Canyon Lake, with a showroom located in Murrieta, CA. We invite you to stop by at your convenience to speak with a flooring professional who can answer any questions that you might have and show you our full line of tile flooring.

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